Retirees have Stories to tell.

Whenever retirees get together, the conversation usually gets around to sharing some stories about a major event or a specific PGE facility: Columbus Day Storm, Floods of 96, Trojan, Clackamas Hydros, Starlight Parade, old headquarters building, etc.  These are a part of history that doesn’t get stored in a museum, doesn’t get passed on to the next generation of employees at PGE,  never gets written down; these verbal stories are often lost as we and our memories fade away.

This section of the website is a place for retirees to tell their stories in writing, with pictures too if possible, so that our memories and stories can be read by others who may be interested to learn about areas and events of the PGE company they never knew.

Tell Us Your Story

If you would like to share a story with other retirees, we would love to help you.

Send an email to the the subject line I HAVE A STORY TO TELL and someone from the communications committee will contact you to listen and help publish the story on this website.