PGE Retiree Tour of the new PGE Integrated Operations Center in Tualatin

Years ago, PGE envisioned an Integrated Operations Center (IOC) to relocate its critical infrastructure outside the downtown Portland area’s liquefaction zone and to create a smart energy grid. A smart grid is the foundation of new renewable energy projects and key to creating clean energy, flexible load and response, distributed energy resources, and improved reliability. Strong cybersecurity is critical as more companies are experiencing operational damage from hackers.

On May 19, 2022, 18 retirees toured the facility with our hosts, Kas Clark and Travis Fry, who were welcoming and knowledgeable. The specialized construction, security, and modern technology employed at the center were truly impressive. The building and grounds were designed with locally sourced materials to blend into the landscape and designed to withstand large scale earthquakes. We observed the well-designed drainage system during a brief downpour that prevented our tour of the grounds.

The IOC is a place of safety in case of flooding, earthquake damage, or failure of the electrical grid. The building is stocked with enough food and water in the full industrial kitchen to last employees up to two weeks in case of need; standby generators and plumbing are on site to keep the center functioning.

The Emergency Operations Center is located at the IOC, and a large training room with multiple data screens and computer stations provides the latest in modern networking and internet capability. The control room was designed for improved visibility and reliability of the grid.

The new IOC opened a few months ago in Tualatin and teams from other locations have been gradually moving in. Open workspaces allow for greater collaboration, and natural daylight through large windows enhances the well-being of the employees. Several electric vehicle charging stations line the parking lot, encouraging employees to adopt a clean driving routine. There is a free modern gym with gender-neutral changing and restrooms for employee use, a secure courtyard and walking trails on the campus.

PGE Retirees Inc. hopes to be able to afford this opportunity to additional members pending approval from PGE Corporate. When viewing the group photo,  click on the photo to see the participants’ names.

PGE has provided additional visual materials for various Operations Facilities.  Note that there is not audio for the video as it is intended to have voice over narration.  Your device is NOT at fault.  Link to the materials is HERE!