Offer a social connection to and among Portland General Electric Retirees.

2020/2021 Changes & Challenges

In 2020, a small group of PGE retirees was challenged to reinvent the PGE Retiree organization from one that was dependent on PGE Corporate for critical services, to an organization that is more independent and self-reliant. Now rather than “automatically” becoming a member of PGE Retirees upon retirement, they are now invited to “JOIN” and choose to be a member of the newly-formed 501 c4 non-profit organization. Then Covid 19, fires, and ice storms piled on additional challenges leading to isolation and the “winter of despair”. As the dark winter season ends, we are optimistic and confident that the spring of hope and a season of light is coming (Dickens).

Strategic Purpose

Maintain a relationship of mutual advocacy and support with PGE Corporate Executives. Retirees are an important focus for both organizations. Support from PGE Corporate will be different in the future than in the past years, but no less critical.

Organizational Purpose

Maintain a non-profit organization with appropriate administrative and online systems needed to best serve the needs of retirees who choose to join the organization. Membership includes retirees, family, and active employees too.

Membership Purpose

Maintain programs and support services for retirees desiring news, social networking opportunities, sports and special interests activities, and advocacy initiatives.