The Report Library

PGE Retirees occasionally prepare and publish special reports of interest to its members.

2022 PGE Retirees Demographic Survey

In January and February of 2022 an informal, and unscientific, survey was conducted for fun to gain a snapshot look at several areas of our members experience that may be of interest.  Thank you to all members of PGE Retirees Inc who participated in this activity!  Click on the link below to access the results for the entire survey.


Retirees’ Home Towns by ZIP CODE

FULL REPORT (download PDF)

Approved Transition Plan for 2020

PGE Corporate approved the PGE Retirees request to fund its Transition Plan (download full report PDF) to become a self-reliant non-profit organization.

PGE Retirees Annual Report 5/09/2022

PGE Retirees produced the second Annual Report to members (download full report PDF)

PGE Retirees Annual Report 5/30/2021

PGE Retirees produced the first ever Annual Report to members (download full report PDF) which is an important first step to becoming a self-reliant non-profit organization.