Board of Directors

PGE Retirees Inc (non-profit 501 c (4) meets at 9:30 AM on the second Monday every two months: Feb Apr Jun Aug Oct Dec. The Board has scheduled the Board meetings via ZOOM and/or at the Wilsonville Training Center at the Wilsonville Campus of Clackamas Community College.  Directors and guests can attend in-person or via ZOOM. Contact the Board via email to to receive a ZOOM email invitation. As of 4/16/2023, the Board and Committees are listed below, followed by their personal profiles at the bottom of this web page.

Executive Board

President – John McLain

Vice President – Greg Rife

Treasurer – Carol Maresh

Recording Secretary – Darlene Judkins

Corresponding Secretary – Kimberly Hamling


Committee Chairs

Blood Drives – Stan Chiotti, Kimberly Hamling

Communications – Terry Clelen, Roger Gibson, Ed Gorman


Communications Sub Committees

Facebook Administration – Mark Lander, Terry Clelen, Roger Gibson, Ed Gorman

Website Administration – Roger Gibson, Ed Gorman

Website Calendar – Terry Clelen (Interest Groups), Roger Gibson, Ed Gorman

Plugged In Newsletter – Editor and Hard Copy Distribution – John McLain; Digital Distribution – Roger Gibson, Ed Gorman – Roger Gibson, Ed Gorman

Mailchimp Management – Roger Gibson, Ed Gorman

Board Members

Terms End 2023

Terry Clelen

Judy Francis

Roger Gibson

Ed Gorman

Al Maynard

Steve West

Terms End 2024

Norby Chartrey

Stan Chiotti

Kimberly Hamling

Darlene Judkins

Terry Judkins

John McLain

Greg Rife

Terms End 2025

Tom Berquam

Jim Den

Carol Maresh

Ted Handris

Terms End 2026

Ed Gorman

Terry Clelen

Jay Tinker

MinhHang Tran

Steve West

Emeritus Board Members

An Emeritus Board Member has been on the Board for at least 10 years and has been a Committee Chair or on the Executive Board.

Russ Bailey

Chick Colby

Doris Davids

Ed Miska

Tom Kreis

John McLain
John McLainPresident
From 1968-1981, I served in Marine Corp, worked at SCE on line-crews, married my sweetheart, graduated from college, transferred to accounting department, and became a father to my two children. We moved to Oregon to work at PGE 1981-2014 beginning in financial planning, then moving on to many admin and customer programs, went back to school to get an MBA, coached youth soccer, and earned a national soccer coaching license. In semi-retirement I did some consulting and teaching as adjunct faculty at local colleges and universities. I am now fully retired, trying to improve at golf, tennis, photography, and music, as well as serving on several non-profit Boards.
Greg Rife
Greg RifeVice President, Communications Committee member
I started at PGE on June 27, 1983 shortly after graduating from Oregon State University. During my 37 year career I held various positions in PGE’s planning, forecasting, accounting, and financial reporting functions. I completed my career managing Ethics and Compliance before retiring on October 2, 2020. I enjoy golf, photography, and scuba diving. I am also an active member of PGE’s golf league and amateur radio club.
Terry Clelen
Terry ClelenBoard Director, Communications Committee Tri-Chair
I was hired in 1997 as a Corporate Communications assistant and moved into Community Affairs a year later. My 21-year career ended in 2018, from what I consider the best job in the company, administering the Company’s community engagement programs. Yes, it was me who relentlessly reminded you to “Record your volunteer hours”, “Apply for a Cause Card” and “Give during the Employee Giving Campaign and apply for the Company match!”
I keep busy with my Neighborhood Emergency Team, sewing masks for Portland Mask Project, serving on the PGE Retiree board and class reunion committees, lunching and taking long “walk and talks” with friends. I enjoy cooking, gardening, babysitting my grandgirls and attempting to improve my golf game. I live in Portland with my husband, John.
Kimberly Hamling
Kimberly HamlingBoard Director, Communications Committee Member, Correspondence Secretary
Kimberly is chief contact information organizer for all things important to …. …
Roger Gibson
Roger GibsonBoard Director, Communications Committee Tri-Chair
I began my 38 plus year career as a Meter Reader reporting to the Western Division in 1980. I enjoy doing anything outdoors, so the role and hours were great allowing me to spend more time with my kids and to coach youth sports.
I transitioned to customer Service at the Tualatin Contact Center (TCC) in 1988 and held various roles as customer service rep & field collections rep & lead rep & as an interim field supervisor, before transitioning to helping schedule TCC phone support. This role led to pursuing telecommunication and statistical functions for TCC, and then as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) administrator, before moving onto Information Technology (IT) support teams.
My last three years were spent on the huge project named Customer Touchpoints, which transitioned the company’s older Customer Information System (CIS) called Banner, to the brand-new Oracle system called Customer Care & Billing. Now it’s great working with other PGE retiree’s, for the collaborative effort to bring meaningful content and activities to all PGE retirees.
Stan Chiotti
Stan ChiottiBoard Director, Past President
My Dad worked for PGE, and I joined PGE on 2/8/1968. I read meters out of the Gresham Division for six months and then moved to the Trojan nuclear project at the Yeon Building. The small staff grew to 1300 over the next 25 years (for me, 20 in operations and 5 in engineering) until plant terminated in 1993. After leaving PGE to work at a Nuclear Plant in New York, I was rehired by PGE in 1997 to help with the decommissioning of the spent fuel rods which ended in 2003, at which time I retired.
Terry Judkins
Terry JudkinsBoard Director, Past Vice President
Always helping everyone … …
Darlene Judkins
Darlene JudkinsBoard Director, Recording Secretary
Longtime stalwart whose diligence in records keeping is invaluable.
Norby Chartrey
Norby ChartreyBoard Director
I started at PGE in October of 1960 as a meter reader. In 1965, I moved to the Valuation Dept. as a Valuation Tech. As part of the Onsite accounting team I moved to the Trojan Nuclear Plant in 1970. I became the manager of the Property Accounting Department in 1975 eventually as supervisor of Generation Accounting. I had the distinction of being one of the few people that had visited every substation and generating site the company owned at the time.
Ed Gorman
Ed GormanBoard Director, Communications Committee Tri-Chair
I began at PGE as a Meter Reader in 1977, enthused by the ability to work outdoors and go home upon completion of the day’s route:-). Following the onset of fatherhood I had to get serious and worked my way to Service and Design as a Service and Design Project Manager. That was a great fit and I retired in 2017 as Service & Design Supervisor at Portland Service Center. These days I focus on trying to not screw up digital media for PGE Retirees Inc.
Judy Francis
Judy FrancisBoard Director, Communications Committee, and Newsletter Editor
Way back in 1983, PGE hired me as a temp employee. I worked in several locations, all in the Tower Buildings (before they were renamed WTC). In 1984 I was hired full-time to work in the Corporate and Technical Libraries. I had a blast.
Then in 1988, PGE began to work on its 100th Anniversary coming in 1989 and I was tapped to do the research for a book about its history. The book, eventually titled “Electrifying Eden”, was being written by a professor at PSU, edited and published by the Oregon Historical Society and sponsored by PGE. During that magical time, I was the unofficial PGE Historian and reported directly to Bob Short, then President and CEO. My office was always downtown, but I got to visit all the hydro plants, Boardman, several old substations (including the ones built for the Lewis & Clark Expo in 1905), Station L before it was OMSI and lots of old trolley stations – and I got to ride an original trolley in the 1989 Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade with a retired Trolley Conductor!
In 1991, I became a technical writer in IT (writing help screens for those first desktop computers) and then moved to HR Communications to write the Employee and Retiree Handbooks. That was the beginning of a long and wonderful (except for Enron and Trojan layoffs) communications career with HR, Corporate Communications, employees and retirees.
I retired in 2005, but I continued to work as a consultant for editing and history-related projects – which is how in 2018, I was asked to help with the Retiree Bulletin newsletter which led to becoming a member of the Board and eventually becoming the Newsletter Editor.
Now, when I actually “do things you are supposed to do when retired”, I love to read books that I can hold in my hands and mark up and share, figure out what to do with my family’s archives and photos, work jigsaw puzzles, walk, swim, drink good wine, nap, visit places I’ve never been, try things I’ve never tried, act silly and laugh out loud as much as possible. I smile a lot and I like to make other people smile too.
I have 2 sisters, 2 children and 3 grandchildren (ages 10, 10 and 6) living in Oregon, California and Nebraska whom I am looking forward to seeing and hugging soon!

MinhHang Tran
MinhHang TranBoard Director
Hello there! I had the pleasure of working at PGE for 43 years, from 1978 until I retired in 2021. During my long tenure, I mostly worked in the Records Management Department, where I had the opportunity to support the Trojan Nuclear Plant until its closure. Afterward, I moved downtown and was responsible for Corporate Records Management.
In my free time, I like to keep myself busy by playing tennis and pickleball. I also enjoy exploring the neighborhood’s trails with my husband, Cuong, and making sure I hit my 10,000 steps goal each day. Additionally, cooking is one of my favorite pastimes, as well as spending time with my grandson, Jase. He’s my first and only grandchild so far, but that’s all going to change in March
2024 when Jase becomes a big brother to his twin brother/sister. As for my home, it’s located
in Beaverton