The PGE Retirees organization may be able to provide some financial support to retirees who need a little help for medical costs.

PGE Retirees Financial Medical Assistance Program

This program is currently in suspension and undergoing internal review. Information will be updated upon completion of the review.   If you have questions send them to

The PGE Retirees Medical Assistance Program provides assistance for hardship cases where there is an urgent financial need for unreimbursed medical expenses. The maximum amount which can be given to any individual in any one year is $300.00.  A committee has been established to review each request. In addition to Tom Kreis, other members of the committee are Russell Bailey and Barbara Beck. Beyond this committee, all requests will be strictly confidential.

The following information must be submitted with each request for assistance in order to maintain auditable records of money distributed. Please include a copy of the bill for services. The supplier will be paid directly from the assistance fund.

Copy and Paste the information below, into an email and send to the email address in the CONTACT US menu of this website; include ATTENTION TOM KREIS in the Subject Line.

OR   Print this section of the webpage, fill out the information, and USMail to the CONTACT US menu of this website; include C/O Tom Kreis.

PGE Retirees Financial Medical Assistance Program

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