In Memoriam

We remember and celebrate the lives of these colleagues:

As retirees, we have retired from the 8 to 5 routine of commuting, working, zooming, status reports, and scorecards.  But the most common phrase heard after retirement from PGE is often “I’m busier now than ever before”.  The difference is we are doing what we love to do whether sports, crafts, volunteer, travel or family, especially grandkids.  We plan for a long and healthy life after retirement.  The longer we live the more we attend many funerals, write several eulogies, and scan the obituary columns.  As of year 2020, the only way PGE Retirees Inc knows about the passing of a fellow retiree is if someone reads an obituary and notifies us through; or a person will post a notice in the private Facebook Group for PGE Retirees.

As a service to our members, if you send information (names and obituaries) to it will be posted here.


Barbara Otteson

Wanda Phillips

Dallas Sommerville

John Thronson

Norm Durrell

Jacob (Jack) Seibel

Al Richardson

Tim O’Reilly

Rick Sanders

John (Jack) Twenge

Dick Gatke

David W. Swan

Jacque Brazzle-King

Pat Betteridge

Cliff Olson

Buck Kaufman

Ray DeBord

Leon Phillips


Dave Aamodt

Pam Hunter

Bill Lehnebach

Steve Fallt

Clark Courtney

Howard Earl Wood – Keizer Oregon

Jake Walsh

Ron Langfeldt

Philip Lovings

Philip Pomeroy

Douglas Plambeck


Robert Meidell Lee

John Gibbs

Bob Clayton


Dan Derr

Bruce L. Coon