Frequently Asked Questions

PGE has a webpage specifically for Retirees.  The page contains all sorts of contact information and much more.  Try browsing the page at this LINK below:

LINK to Portland General Webpage for Retirees

For more general questions, and to talk to a real person, you should call PGE HR Connect at 503-464-7250.

You can also send them an email to

Many retirees ask questions on the FACEBOOK GROUP for PGE RETIREES and get some answers from fellow retirees, and offers of help too.  If you are a FACEBOOK user, you can use the Facebook search function specifically for Groups (not the search function to find individual people).  Perhaps the LINK below will get you there faster.

LINK to PGE Retirees Group (private) on FACEBOOK

You must request to JOIN this private GROUP, and PGE Volunteers will review your request and admit you into the Group.  The Group is private among retirees, their families, and even a few future retirees still employed at PGE.