PGE Retirees enjoy a great day of golf at Charbonneau Golf Course July 26, 2021

PGE retirees have many stories to tell.  Some are past history and some are current.  There are work, fun, adventure, volunteering stories, and some not described here.  These are some stories and pictures already submitted by our members (send more stories please).

July 26, 2021 was a wonderful day all around.  The weather was fantastic and a group of fun loving retirees and friends participated in an enjoyable day of golf at the wonderful Charbonneau Golf Course followed by some well appreciated refreshments and the requisite bemoaning of some bad breaks during the round as well as tales of miracle shots made.

Winners in categories were:

Women/Men Mixed Foursome – Dore Judd; Rena Snyder; Scott Bither; Steve Peck

Men Foursome – Jim Lobdell; Damon McCauley; Bill Cole; John Carter

John McLain announcing the winners

Men’s winners

Women/Men Mixed Winners

Brenda and Phil Hankins

Cathi and John McLain