Retirees Who Have Recently Joined

PGE Retirees Member Directory

This list is current as of May 21, 2024 – About 900 retirees, active employees, and family members too, have joined the PGE Retirees organization.



If YOU search the membership directory and find a MEMBER NAME in our PGE Retiree Inc. database, then:

  1. YOU may send an email or letter to PGE Retirees Inc. to request we contact the MEMBER
  2. We will ask the MEMBER whether they wish to make a connection
  3. If a YES from the MEMBER, then we will give them contact information for YOU
  4. If a NO from the MEMBER, then we will notify YOU

This process assures we never share a MEMBER’S contact information inappropriately.

Note: About 500 members have joined the private Facebook Group for PGE Retirees (LINK) which also has a search function.


PGE Retirees Inc considers all  contact information of our MEMBERS to be both confidential and private; we will not sell or share contact information with anyone without permission from the MEMBER.  We use MailChimp Software to safely secure subscribers information with access by a select few retirees approved by the Board.  The only information PGE Retirees Inc has in its database is what retirees have offered in order to receive emails or printed materials.  We don’t receive any contact information from PGE Corporate.