Annual Father’s Day at Timothy Lake

Each year, around Father’s Day in June, Cathi and I (John McLain) and Jasper (dog) too, pack up our small travel trailer and canoe to make the trip to one of the campgrounds on Timothy Lake.  There is still a little hint of late winter at night, and of course some spring weather clouds and rain, but on the clear days, oh my, what a grand place to spend some family time in the Mountains.  We always catch fish, keep only what we eat, and play a few board games in the evenings.  My wife Cathi fits in time to paint some of the beautiful scenery, and Jasper the dog loves to hike and spend some quality nap time (us too).  This will continue to be an annual trip on our travel schedule.  Perhaps we will see some of you in a nearby campsite (scheduled in 2021 for June 13-18).