Terms of the Directors

From the Bylaws:

• Directors shall be elected by the members at the Annual Meeting or at any meeting held in lieu thereof.
• Each Director shall serve for three (3) years except as otherwise provided in the Articles of Incorporation and in Articles VIII and IX of these Bylaws.

As of 4/25/2021, the Board Directors terms of office starting June 1, 2021 are as follows:


expiring 2022

Tom Berquam

Jim Den

Ted Handris

Lee Greene (not running in 2022)

Linh Huynh (not running in 2022)

Mike McFall (not running in 2022)

Ed Miska (transitioning to Emeritus status)

Phyllis Miska (transitioning to Emeritus status)


expiring 2023

Terry Clelen

Judy Francis

Roger Gibson

Ed Gorman

Tom Kreis

Al Maynard

Steve West


expiring 2024

Norby Chartrey

Stan Chiotti

Kimberly Hamling,

Darlene Judkins

Terry Judkins

John McLain

Greg Rife

Jerry Swertfeger