Request for Rose Festival Volunteers!
Marlo Eckert, Senior Safety Specialist at Portland General Electric
HELP NEEDED: I am tasked with finding hundreds of volunteers to support this year’s Portland Rose Festival Foundation. Can you help me?! Sign up, spread the word and encourage others to join us in improving our community.
These volunteer opportunities are open to anyone in the world and not a PGE exclusive event, so I encourage people to bring their family and friends along. Our most essential positions that need to be filled are the parade guides. The best position for those with physical limitations or special needs is the float decorator positions. The Cleanest and Greenest team is what was formally known as the PGE/Solve Starlight parade trash bag distribution and collection so I know that one will be popular!
Volunteers can sign up here (or call): (scroll down a little to fill out the volunteer registration form). If anyone has questions, they can contact the Portland Rose Festival at or 503-227-2681.