a: Interior of Station L, 1920.  b: Line crew with 3 speed pole truck, 1913.  c: Turbine deck of Station A, 1890.  d: PGE lineman, 1944




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February 12, 2018  and  March 12, 2018  Monday at 9:30 am - Retirees' Board Meeting will be at the Oregon City Service Center Auditorium (map), 209 Warner Milne Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045.
All retirees and spouses are welcome to attend.

Trips and Tours in 2017

      Mark your calendar for trips and tours in 2017.

Tour/Event Date/Time Description
PGE Emergency Control Center 02/24/2017 11:00 AM
World of Speed in Wilsonville 03/14/2017 Take a spin around a museum that features historic race cars, boats and motorcycles that tell the story of motor sports culture.
Western Antique and Airplane Museum 04/13/2017 Tour one of the largest collections of still-flying antique aeroplanes and stll-driving antique automobiles in the country.
PGE Retiree's Spring Luncheon 05/19/2017  
Seats at Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade 06/10/2017  
Chinese Garden 06/13/2017 Enjoy a traditional Chinese garden built in the heart of Portland.
Pacific NW Lineman's Rodeo 07/22/2017  
PGE Retiree Annual Picnic 07/12/2017 Potluck
Williamette Valley Pie Company (yumm) Pendleton 08/24/2017 Watch how nature's bounty is turn into frozen fruit, handmade desserts and so much more!
Hydro Tour 09/13/2017  
EVRAZ (Oregon Steel Mills) 09/21/2017  
Leopold Scopes TBD See how the best scopes and binoculars were made.
Bob's Red Mills (always very popular) 10/19/ 2017 Learn about the wonderful world of stone grinding whole grains on a guided tour of Bob's manufacturing facility.
PGE Retiree Holiday Luncheon Dec 7, 2017  
Free Tickets seating in PGE’s company box (Providence Park).   Saturday Oct. 14th, time to be announced Portland State vs Northern Arizona State.
For tickets contact Norby Chartrey at (503) 357-2614 or email  nccboats@aol.com

For additional information, please contact Terry Judkins at 503-518-8600 (djudkins@comcast.net) or Dan or Linda Reed at 503-256-7903 (dandreed_linda@century.net)

Fit Factory located in Three World Trade Center
$20/month for membership. You can access to weight machines, treadmills, showers facilities.
To join or have questions contact Wendi Arant at 503-464-8075

Keep in touch Retirees' mailing address or email changes, contact HR Connect at 503-464-7250 (hr.connect@pgn.com)

2015 THURSDAYS:  Electric Power Museum - The staff meets every Thursday morning except Dec 28th.  Call 503-425-1634 beforehand. THE MUSEUM NEEDS YOUR OLD BULLSEYES AND NEWSLINES What a great chance to clear out that stack of those old Bullseyes and NewsLines that you have stashed in the back of the hall closet or in the corner of the garage. We are missing several issues of both bulletins. To have them picked up, call anyone on the Museum Board or call me, Barbara Bergmans at 503-682-8858 or e-mail me at b.bergmans@frontier.com. Museum phone 503-464-2120    Museum Page  -

Museum email: shriveselectricalmuseum@gmail.com 

BLOOD DRIVE:   Wednesday, February 7, 2018. 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM in the Flags Conference Room in 2WTC. Check the Newsletter or Newsline,  *Nov/Dec 17. If you have questions, please contact:
Linda Peerenboom, 503-253-5262
Linda Reed, 503-256-7903
Jeanette Mullins, 503-397-3348
Stan Chiotti, 503-397-0805
Bob Steele, 503-282-3646

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Any retiree or retiree spouse needing medical assistance contact Tom Kreis 503-645-2754 Barbara Beck 503-775-9236, or Russ Bailey, 503-632-5423, for more information.

NEWS ITEMS:  Any News Items contact Barbara Bergmans 503-682-8858 b.bergmans@frontier.com


Photo courtesy of Allen Richardson
Retirees breakfast held the first Tuesday of every even month at the Village Inn on 103 Rd. & Stark at 9:00 A M. Tom Zimmer started it and has passed away. His niece Katie Zimmer asked me to save him a spot at the table in remembrance of him and that is why there is a spot reserved for him.  
Location Time Date
For former union employees:
Union Hall
17200 SE Sacramento (off 182nd Avenue) (new get-together)
11:30 am Fourth Tuesday every month; potluck
Black Bear Diner, 237 SW 4th Street, Madras 9:00 am First Wednesday of each month; contact Dave Gibson, 503-708-8364 for information
The Bomber, 13515 SE McLoughlin Blvd Portland 11:30 am First Friday of odd-numbered months
Village Inn, Columbia River Hwy, St Helens 9:00 am First Wednesday of each month
Guest House, 4850 Portland Rd NE, Salem 7:30 am
(new time)
Every Thursday
Village Inn, 10301 SE Stark St., Portland 8:30 am First Tuesday of even numbered months
Wichita Bar & Grill, 19140 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 9:00 am First Thursday of each month
Elmer's Restaurant, 390 SW Adams St., Hillsboro 9:00 am Every Wednesday
Hale's Restaurant, 17502 SE McLoughlin Blvd 9:00 am First Wednesday of each month
192nd Avenue & TV Highway (new location)
9:30 am Every Thursday
J's restaurant
2017 Portland Road, Newberg
11:30 am Second Friday of every month
All of the above groups are open to all PGE retirees, their spouses or significant others.  If you would like to start up a group closer to your area, or know of a group that hasn't been listed in the bulletin and would like for it to be or have any questions regarding any of the groups, please call Terry Judkins at 503-655-2863 or email him at djudkins@comcast.net.

September 7, 2016 - May 17, 2017  Bowling - The new season will begin on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 and end May 17, 2017.  Be sure to check the latest Bulletin for information.  Steve and Terry are looking forward to welcoming this year's regulars back and hoping to see several new faces joining the team this season. Both men and women retirees, their spouses and significant others are all welcome to come bowl with us.  Never bowled before but would like to learn? Haven't bowled in a long time but would like to start bowling again? Perfect! For $10 you get to bowl three games, along with a ball, shoe rental, free coffee and a chance to win the $5 door prize. Win it and you get the whole deal for only $2. Games are held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.
PGE Retirees gather every first and third Wednesday at AMF Pro 300 Lanes at 3031 S.E. Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202 at 12:30 PM from the first Wednesday in September through the third Wednesday in May. We all try to do the very best bowling that we can, but the main thing we gather for is fun, fellowship and story telling. We have great fun encouraging each other to do the best that we each can do. We invite ever retiree their family and friends to come join the fun. All are welcome. Pictured are three of our pros, Al, Bill, and Al. Now there is a trio, come and join us.

Contact Al Maynard,
alvianm@earthlink.net, 503-819-9423, or Terry Judkins, djudkins@comcast.net 503-655-2863 More info: See Retirees News

Golf - GOLF NEWS  Please contact Mark Lander at 503-691-6853, landerm@comcast.net. Kim Michek, 503-860-6017, or Terry Judkins, 503-925-9018, djudkins@comcast.net  

   June 28, 2016. Broadmoor Golf Course
July 26, 2016. Rose City Golf Course
       August 23, 2016. Stone Creek Golf Course

Tee off time for all three tournaments will be 9:00 AM

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